Gamberi con Susine

Don’t be put off by the title of this dish. It’s probably one of the simplest things you can make and as long as you like both the main ingredients it’s a winner.

I was working as a cook many years ago and wanted to put special up on the menu board but I wanted to do something different. After rooting through the freezer and the fruit bowl I fished out a bag of prawns (gamberi) and a some plums (susine).

I came up with this variation of a prawn cocktail but served it without the obligatory baguette, in fact no bread at all, and I got many compliments about it.

You need a bag of shelled prawns and half their weight in that of diced – as finely as you want – plums.

Mix enough mayonnaise with chilli sauce (enough to be able to taste it, don’t overwhelm the dish) but only enough to be able to coat the prawns and plums lightly. If you can’t see them then you’ve used too much mayonnaise.

Place on a decent sized portion of fattoush sprinkle it with paprika and eat it. If you do a generous enough amount then you can share it. Or not. You choose.