Meeting Nina

When I met Nina it was obvious that she was living a life that few could understand. The people who were trying to help her were out of their depth and she was afraid to leave her tiny comfort zone.

We are all indoctrinated to a point. It’s how races, religions, societies and loyalties are formed and we tell ourselves that indoctrination of this kind serves as both a solace and a shield. In reality it is different sized bombs waiting to explode.

Nina is different. She is damaged deeply and resorts to childlike ways of coping. She rocks herself backwards and forwards to comfort herself and self harms when things become unbearable. She denies her own existence because that was how she was taught to live by the Maoist cult she was trapped in.

Underneath there is a gentle soul who is neither of this world or within it. Having listened to her sad and harrowing story I want her to meet the good people that she needs and that her future is less bleak than her past.

My time with Nina was short and as we neared the end of it I couldn’t help but cry and yet I was comforted by her. You cannot meet this remarkable young woman without learning something about yourself.

 Nina X

If you’d like to meet Nina then listen to her story as told to Ewan Morrison. You will not regret it.