Meaty Pizza Topping

I don’t like pizzas that start off with a smear of something that looks like tomato puree and then has a mountain of toppings on it. I like to keep mine simple and let the tastes speak for themselves. The topping in this recipe has a long taste which means you can taste the meat, tomatoes, vinegar and lime juice as you eat.

Take 250 grams of very lean mince and brown it in a sauce pan. As you’re browning it chop a giant spring onion as finely as you can and crush or chop a couple of cloves of garlic also finely.

Add these to the mince once it has browned and stir if from time to time as you cut about a dozen cherry tomatoes in half. Once the onions are soft chuck the tomatoes in. You can help them to break down by squishing them but keep the pan lid on as much as you can to preserve moisture as there isn’t any to spare in this recipe.

Once the tomatoes are broken down pour in a tablespoon of raspberry vinegar (put a punnet of raspberries in a sterilised jar, cover them and a little bit more with distilled malt vinegar and leave in the fridge for a month) and stir it in. Taste the sauce once you’ve stirred it and you’ll see how sweet it is. There is acidity in the sauce but also sweetness because of the raspberry vinegar and the tomatoes. Squeeze in the juice of a whole lime – just cut the top of it and squeeze it directly into the pan. This saves time and you don’t have the washing up it takes to extract juice. I use my thumb which can take a bit of practice but is efficient.

Simmer the sauce for about 30 minutes.

If you want to make pizza dough then do it but if you want to use ready prepared ones go ahead – you’re eating them after all.

Cook for 10 minutes in the top of the oven on 220C.