Beef Curry

This is a simple curry and benefits from a long and slow cook. A crockpot or slow cooker is ideal to use.

500 grams of beef skirt or stewing beef – these are tough cuts of beef that can be cooked for long periods without drying out.
About 35 grams of butter or low fat spread of your choice
large onion or leek
large Bramley apple finely diced
2 cloves of garlic crushed
A tablespoon of curry powder of the heat that you like
A beef oxo cube

Brown the beef in the butter and then add the onion or the leek, the apple and the garlic. When the onion/leek is softened and transparent add the curry powder. This will thicken the curry nicely. Dissolve the oxo cube in enough water to cover the meat and then add a little more water as this is going to be a slow cook.

Bring up to a simmer then if cooking on the hob turn the heat down to the lowest setting possible and cook for around three hours. If you’re cooking in the oven with a casserole dish then 150C also for around three hours. If you use a slow cooker then follow the manufacturers instructions.

Happy eating!