Hot infusions

As with other methods of flavouring vinegar it is important to use clear distilled vinegar without spices that some white vinegars come with.

Vinegar that is flavoured using the hot infusion method is suitable for things like garlic, ginger and herbs with woody stem. I have made pineapple vinegar this way using a tinned  “gold” pineapple. Gold pineapple is sweeter and when infused in the vinegar it tastes beautiful.

The method is simple and failsafe. If you are using woody herbs (softer herbs will not stand the process) rinse them in cold water and dry thoroughly before putting them in a small saucepan – one that is used to warm milk is ideal. Cover completely with the vinegar and then a little more. Put a lid on the pan as the smell of boiling vinegar is vile. Bring to a fast simmer, turn the heat down to a slow simmer and after about 15 minutes or so turn the heat off. Leave it to cool then store in a sterilised jar.

This method is great for making small amounts of vinegar to use at short notice. Experiment as you will. I don’t recommend this method for making flavoured vinegar that uses citrus fruit.