List of Burials, St John’s Churchyard

For reference there is a list of Bristol parishes here which also includes those, such as St John’s, not in Bristol but significant to the city.

William Adams Son of Thomas and Elizabeth. Born 30 January 1809, baptised 19 February 1809, buried 18 December 1814. The family were living in North Street when William died.

Elizabeth Allchurch Born 27 December 1807, died 1813, buried 12th January 1813. The family were living in North Street when Elizabeth died.

Martha Aplin Born 1747, died 1814, buried 10th March 1814. She was living in Redcliffe when she died.

Martha Aplin Born 1734, died 1813, buried 12 September 1813. She was living on East Street when she died.

William Arnold born 1814, died 1814, buried 23rd September 1814. He was seven months old when he died and the family were living in the St Thomas parish.

James Baily Born 1754, died 1813, buried 27 January 1813. Resident of West Street at time of death.

Robert Barton born 1743, died 1814, burial 4 May 1814. Resident of Temple.

Thomas Battle born 1812, died 1814, burial 4 November 1814 aged 2 1/2 years old.

Elizabeth Bayley born 1813, died 1814, burial 24 July 1814 aged 1 1/2 years old. Family resident in East Street.

William Baylis born 1807, died 1813, buried 5 December 1813 aged 6. Family resident in North Street.