Jackfruit Pie

The young, unripe fruits soak up flavour well and have a stringy texture which is not unlike meat when cooked.

A single jackfruit tree can produce 3 tons of fruit in a year but you’d need a pretty big storage area to keep that amount of it in especially as single fruit can weigh up to a hundred pounds and three feet long. Big buggers eh?

This recipe uses a tin of jackfruit so no need to grow a tree.


One carrot
A slice of swede (the vegetable not the inhabitant of Sweden)
Oat milk

Chop all these up and fry the onion gently for a little while. Add the can of jackfruit chopping it before hand. Add the vegetables, half a cup of oat milk, two bay leaves and a good sprinkling of salt, pepper and thyme.

Line a pie dish with pastry (buy it, vegan pastry is much easier to buy than to make), put the filling inside, pop the lid on and cook until it’s golden brown.

In the words of @_emmi who created the recipe – easy peasy vegan pie!!