Fattoush (or fattouche) is a Middle Eastern dish. Every family has their own variation on it. Some chop the ingredients up really chunky and some go for much smaller dices. I’m a small dicing person because I like to dig a spoon into a bowl of fattoush and come up with a bit of everything all at once.

It’s very easy to make – if you can chop things up and make a basic salad dressing then you can make fattoush.

Chop ripe tomatoescucumberradishes, chop flat leaf parsley and spring onions and put them in a bowl.

Make a dressing with white wine vinegarpale olive oil, a little sugar and some rubbed dried mint. Mess about with the vinegar and oil combination until you hit on the one that tastes best for you.

Mix this dressing with the vegetables by hand making sure that every pieces gets covered in dressing.

Leave to chill overnight so that all the flavours mingle together. Meanwhile leave a piece or two of flat bread out overnight so it goes stale.

Just before you serve scatter pieces of flat bread over it and dot around the gaps with yoghurt – I use Greek yoghurt.

That’s it – dig in.