Yet another sodding mental health awareness day…

This time it’s Time To Talk and the theme is the “Power of Small” because you know, pandemic, little things matter etc.

This seems to be yet another opportunity, particularly on Twitter, to tweet clichés and quote meaningless statistics.

Like all people with poor mental health I am very much aware of mental health but I don’t think that people with good mental health (as a whole) realise that they should be aware of their mental health.

I know when, and if, it’s time for me to talk. I know about the “Power of Small” (what a fucking cliché that is) and it’s none of your business if I choose not to speak.

In light of this please make conversations about mental health equal – listen as much as you speak and learn from that – and I mean me as well as you. Equality only happens if both parties make an effort.

If I want to stop the conversation then let me and stop the conversation if you need to.

What would be really great though would be if we stopped having these days and just did things like this as a matter of course. If somebody asks you how you are or vice versa have a bloody conversation, stop muttering and speak up – but only if you want to.