With friends like that…

I have had a friendship wIth a friends partner since she moved in with him a few years ago. I found it difficult to like her at first but she had a way of making me like her even though I don’t like the way she behaves at times.

She wakes him in the middle of the night to ask him if he loves her knowing that he has an early start for work. If she needs to speak to him during the day she doesn’t text him or ring him she makes a video call because she can see where he is and who he is with.

She insisted that they put tracker apps on their phones so she could see where he was and if he made any diversions on the way home. She stalks him. I insisted that removed the tracking app from her phone because it’s one thing to be able to see where someone is in order to be able cook so they can eat as soon as they get home but quite another to track them all day.

Slowly but surely she began to cause trouble within the neighbourhood sowing seeds of discontent between people. Except me. Yeah, right.

I thought she was a good friend and that I was exempt from her bizarre spite but I’m not. And the way she has behaved has horrified me.

I have an eating disorder and earlier in the year while making a cup of coffee for us I told her I’d made myself sick and how devastated it made me feel on the odd occasions that I did it. I turned to find her laughing at me and when I challenged her she wrote it off as nervous laughter.

Last week I revealed to her I was buying a two handled cup as I had the shakes very badly some days as a side effect of the medication and she laughed very loudly. This time I saw the spiteful look on her face.

Yesterday I spoke to her partner and he was horrified. Today I blocked her phone number. If she turns up at my home to talk to me she will find out exactly how I am when I’ve been pushed too far.