Tomorrow is my 65th birthday and I have realised that I’ve been part of Twitter for 15 years and before that the ‘mother’ on a mental health forum.

Today I became very close to opening up my Twitter account and using it just to post blog posts saying how I feel now I’ve stopped using the website and other wannabe sites. Just a selfish ploy to get more visitors to my website of course. This site gets a fair share of traffic; people Google for a recipe for Fadgies and then stay to read other pages.

I’ve been helping a neighbour with his family tree and it’s exhausting to say the least. What appears to be good information is not always as good as they think. But I’ll battle on when I have energy and my mind isn’t being eaten away by bipolar disorder.

The bipolar disorder is particularly troublesome at the moment due to outside events and I have little control over them. But still, life goes on even if it’s not the life you choose for a while.

The kitten is still entertaining and wonderful but heading into the ‘stop that’ stage. Anyone who has raised a young animal knows that feeling.

I went to the City Farm today and took some photos which was really lovely. One of the Bristol unicorns is there and it’s unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway that’s Wednesday and another day closer to not thinking in 280 characters or less.