The taste of cold turkey

For the past few years I’ve grown increasingly tired of social networks and, despite the best of intentions, the time lost to them.

Since Twitter has passed into the hands of a person the users don’t like very much it has become a hard place to spend time on.

Many people, too many people, complain about how Twitter has been ruined, how it’s changed beyond recognition and the early days are remembered through a veil of mourning.

To be honest the early days of Twitter were awful. When I joined there was a lot of business networking and when the general public realised it was there it became a very weird place. I had an online stalker and that’s where they found me. So the memories are vague and only of the nice days. Heavenly Twitter never existed.

As it breaks apart there a several alternative networks desperate to become the next Twitter without becoming the next Twitter. They seem to be, largely, cross posts over all the networks and each with “stolen from [insert network here].”

I want none of it. I retain my Facebook account to keep in touch with my family, Instagram and Flickr for my photos and this, my precious website to mutter at the ether.