The conversation

Yesterday (14 March 2020) I woke up and realised with a thud what Covid-19 meant, how serious it was and the impact it could have on my family.

My mother is 84 and lives in sheltered accommodation which means that she lives independently and there is a manager available who provides light touch support. Due to her age my sister qualifies to live in the same building and so she can act as her carer. It’s hard work for her and I live on the diagonal opposite of the country so it’s not easy to get there.

It occurred to me that my mother is in the high risk group should she contract Coronavirus my sister would probably be at heightened risk. We had to have that conversation and acknowledge what could happen.

If my mum dies as a result of this virus I cannot travel to her funeral. The options of travel available would have me sitting in one metal box or another surrounded by other people which goes against the guidelines and would see me suppressing vomit for a minimum for six hours.

So my sister and I had to discuss the hard things over the phone.

My mum’s funeral is paid for and she’s left exact instructions as to what will happen so my sister has very little to do in arranging it. The financial tidying up afterwards is something I can do but clearing her flat will be my sister’s task and it will drain her completely.

I pledged her my support for whatever worth it is.

Later in the day I heard my neighbour coming home with his dog so went out to say hello. His dog is a huge Dorset Olde Tyme Bulldog called Bruno. He is a 35 kilo puppy and as soon as he saw me he sat and started wiggling his arse for a treat. He makes me laugh and loved does that dog.

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