The bloody government

This morning I woke up and realised that if the blood tests I’m having tomorrow say I have a Vitamin B12 and/or folate deficiency that technically puts me in the more at risk than I’d like to be group. I’m a tough old bird but the after effects of last years fall showed me that I’m not invincible and I was convinced that I am.

The first of the daily government updates didn’t help. Johnson taking questions and stumbling over the answers. Come on Boris order pubs, restaurants to close in a matter of public safety and then at least they’d get some sort of compensation for it instead of the ever dwindling numbers of customers and the heartbreak of watching their business being flushed down the pan.

Close the schools Johnson, think of the people with severely compromised immune systems. Find a way of supporting the families that need to work, pay rent, mortgages etc. Shake that fucking money tree you claim doesn’t exist by making the big businesses pay taxes.

The update today made me feel as though I was living in a version of  Your Attention Please by Peter Porter – “Some of us will die. Remember, statistically, it is not likely to be you.”

I think that you can gather that I have less confidence in the government than I did yesterday. Meanwhile I’m social distancing as much as possible and in this city we’ve only had five positive cases though one person has died. Statistically it’s not likely to be me but statistics have to come from somewhere.

I’m seeing people I care for worrying because of the lack of coherent information that we are being fed but then we cannot expect anything more from an incompetent government led by a buffoon.

o – 0 – o

 Today’s #corvid19

Today’s good thing is that I got to sit down and read some more of the wonderful book I have on the go at the moment. It has a lot of intense emotion and quite a bit of sex in it and though I want to rush to the end I want to savour each word. 

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