Take a break

I’m disenchanted with social media and have been for quite a long time. There seems to be so much of it and all the different sites compete for our time. I have decided that they don’t get to say how to spend my time, I do.

The first two to go were Instagram and Facebook. Both are part of the same network and it’s only recently I’ve discovered just how much data those apps take.

I had Facebook to stay in touch with family there is more than one way to keep in touch with family. Facebook was consigned to the rubbish bin.

I used Instagram as an alternative to Flickr when the subscription prices were raised for the latter. Back then Instagram was largely a photographic site but now it is littered with influencers, inspirational posts and reposts from other social networks. Instagram went in the bin.

Twitter was going to go but one of my dearest friends persuaded me to stay so for the time being all I’m posting is photos of food that shouldn’t be on sale.

I have bought Pro subscription for Flickr and have remembered how wonderful it is to be a photographer
and not just somebody who takes photos.

So for now I’m digging out photos and building up my Flickr account and enjoying time away from politics, snarking and desperation.

Have a look at my photos here if you’d like to.