It’s a strange experience stopping tweeting. It’s amazing in all the wrong ways about how my mind has been working while I’ve spent the last 15 years tweeting and how it’s going to take a few weeks to change that.

I’ve noticed that when having experiences I’ve been thinking of them in characters of 280 or fewer. Thinking to a community that is no longer there and one that won’t be there again.

I have always seen my life in photographs and Twitter has been eroding that pleasure. I’ve been taking my camera for walks and it’s rarely been out of its bag because I’ve been tweeting about mundane things instead of taking photos of the interesting things.

Today I’ve been to an outdoor art fair. There’s been live graffiti, I bumped into an old mate who i hadn’t seen for ages, had a cup of tea in a local cafe and fussed over a tiny dog. I had a nap this afternoon and woke up to find my kitten sat on my shoulder being cute.

I’ve spent time outside watching a couple of dogs playing. I miss Leonard and playtimes with him but I enjoy watching other dogs play with one another.

One of my neighbours left a book for me on my doorstep and it’s one I’ve never read so I’m looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I’m going to set up my exercise step and start using it. Apparently it will help me with my balance. It will be interesting that’s for sure.