There’s a lot of negative things going on right now that are overloading my brain and, as it’s a bipolar brain, it’s beginning to suffer in many ways. I’m not going to go into details because that would hurt more than blogging and, for me, blogging is about trying to empty my brain.

I’m having neighbour problems and I’m not allowed to discuss them in the open. It’s as if I’ve been told I’m allowed to scream but silently. It’s hurting me mentally and when or if the problem is resolved I’m going to crash. It’s starting now.

I have recently got a very cute kitten. Exactly one week in and he and Finn have become playmates. It’s good for Finn to have a cat playmate and he may even lose some weight. The trouble with the kitten is that he was sold to me as without fleas, without worms and litter trained. It was partially true. The people had just moved into the house and my guess is that they found a young cat with a litter of kittens and decided to offset some of the moving costs by selling the kittens. If one has fleas they all do and I could tell them this but I’m not going to. Let them suffer as I am while I try to house train a kitten who is too giddy to get the idea. Little Hutch will learn and the people I got him off will learn that sometimes it’s best not to piss people off.

These things and more are throwing my eating patterns out I am so bloody tired I can’t work out how I stay a Je all day.

Things have to keep moving. I’m not fighting against the odds I’m living with in difficult times. The attitude I take is that my life isn’t a battle it’s variable.