C is for Charlatan

For as long as man has existed there have been people willing to exploit those who needed comfort, consolation and  cures.

Christ promised to cure people but only if they believed that he was the son of God. People today still believe that he can cure illnesses and late stage diseases (we only have to look at the popularity of pilgrimage sites to see that) and are devastated when their faith isn’t intense enough to elicit a cure.

In Victorian times mediums exploited the bereaved and desperate. They were tricksters and second rate magicians who made a living relating messages from people who had lost their voice upon death.

A little research about modern charlatans bring up two people both of whom have potentially dangerous life philosophies. Below I outline my opinion of their destructive beliefs.

Amanda Ellis describes herself as an angelic healer and colour therapist who  is guided by the Archangel Metatron. On the matter of Coronavirus she says the her organisation is ‘creating our own version of Pirate’s Oil …called Meta Pirate’. 

Pirate Oil is described, by the people who own the Trademark, as 14th century recipe that kept thieves safe from the plague in France and may save people in modern times from daily scourges that attack our systems. They have a disclaimer that states it is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. They are admitting, in my opinion, that they are selling something that is highly unlikely to work and charging people $30 for it.

Louise Hay is someone I particularly despise. She encourages regular use of “affirmations” to the point that she persuades people that use of them can potentially “cure” illnesses.

She describes disease as dis-ease when the two aren’t related. I have written about the latter here should you which to compare the difference.

“The List” which was first published in her book How to Heal your Body and later included in You Can Heal Your Life is disturbing. Terminology is all.

On her list she says that illnesses have a probable “mental” cause and that formulating a new thought pattern could improve the illness or disease. Note: probable cause; could improve. 

People fervently grasping at straws could be forgiven for reading “cause, improve, heal”.

The “probable cause” of Alzheimer’s “Dis-ease” is “a refusal to deal with the world as it is, hopelessness and helplessness and anger”. The new thought pattern is “forgiving and releasing the past thus moving into joy”. It is cruel beyond belief to blame a person with such a devastating illness for suffering the way that they do.

And so it goes on – blackheads are probably small bursts of anger, cellulite could be stored anger and self-punishment and muscular dystrophy could be caused by the attitude ‘it’s not worth growing up.”

The sickness that charlatans spread among the vulnerable and desperate of society is a sickness that people do not deserve to be exposed to.

These are my opinions and I reserve the right to publish them.

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