My attempt at leaving Twitter hasn’t worked out mainly because I realised that I couldn’t rant about things that matter to me. I have deleted Facebook successfully and managed to keep my Instagram intact despite all the help sites saying it was impossible.

I have had to put my television into storage as the kitten has discovered the delight of using his tiny little paws to push off the books I have on the top of one bookcase and then looking down with delight at his work. He is gorgeous but who on earth thought it was a good idea to invent small animals?

Things are still very hard both mentally and physically. Yesterday I wasn’t sure how long I could keep going on then an unexpected positive incident made me, and other members of our community, feel listened to. Some days can turn on their head in a spectacular fashion.

Today will not be easy but the efforts I make will eventually produce a positive result. Meanwhile I am sat in my GPs waiting room and hoping for a smidgeon of good news.