All change

Advice has changed again as it seems to do every day. I am dizzy with the changes and have given up on the Prime Minister’s dreary updates because, let me be frank about this, he’s a fucking idiot.

Schools are closing and lots of parents are going to be really sensible and make sure they keep their kids at home. In my little corner of the world a lot of kids will not stay at home but go out and cause more havoc than they usually do. Because things are quieter they will widen their range of places to cause havoc. Do not assume that your shop or street will escape the flood of feral kids. Really, don’t.

It appears that tons of Tory MPs are unhappy with the slow pace of changes especially those connected with money and helping out people. The braying from the government benches has been to go harder and faster; like a hundred sceptics of rough sex who have discovered it’s actually really good.

I’m social distancing still because I’ve been topping up on shopping locally, just the day to day things. Today I got something to cook in the slow cooker, bought myself some daffodils and, despite the fact I’m on a low saturated fat eating regime, got a solid slab of chocolate. It tastes a bit icky but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Historic crises change us and our eating habits so a little indulgence before things get worse won’t be too harmful.

A chat with a local butcher revealed that we both think a form of food rationing will kick in soon. It’s pointless having older person hours in supermarkets if there’s nothing on the shelves. There is allegedly plenty of stock behind the scenes so why aren’t staff taking orders as the elders come in, giving them a chair to sit on and a decent cup of tea or coffee before bringing their shopping to them? You know, like we did in the years when we valued each other?

That’s my rant for the day so here’s today’s #corvid19

Today’s positive things. I’m going to cook so I’ll be in my happy place and have nutritious food as an outcome. All three cats are remarkably unclingy today so I get the time and the space to do these things.

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